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Latest News

Power Rankings: Teams on the Rise

The top teams are still rolling, but keep a close eye on the Spitfire, Dynasty, and Spark headed into Week 4.

Breaking New Ground

This weekend, the Dallas Fuel are hosting the league’s first-ever home matches—and it’s going to be epic.

Becoming Baconjack

In his second try at professional Overwatch, Baconjack is living up to his potential—and having fun doing it with Chengdu.

Fuel Fire up First-Ever Home Matches

The Dallas Fuel will host seven Overwatch League teams in the first-ever Homestand Weekend series.

A Day Out in LA: Gamsu and CoMa

Watch as Mr. X goes hiking with Gamsu, CoMa—and Uni, Gamsu’s dog.

Begin Your Watch

Clash on the battlefields of tomorrow in the ultimate team-based shooter.

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