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Latest News

Watch the Best of Watchpoint: Stage 2, Week 4

Zappis' arrival, Geguri incoming, Fissure's superior tank play, and more, in the best Watchpoint segments of the week.

On a Roll

After four straight wins, the LA Gladiators are poised to challenge for a spot in the Stage 2 Finals.

Long Have We Waited, Florida Activated

Zappis made his league debut in Mayhem’s 3-1 upset of the Valiant.

Heart of a Lion

Bischu chased his esports dream and found himself in LA, donning a purple jersey and a shield.

Buy Tickets to Stage 3 and 4 Now

Introducing the Season Pass, Weekday Packages, and more.

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Begin Your Watch

Clash on the battlefields of tomorrow in the ultimate team-based shooter.

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