Hello everyone,

From the day the Overwatch League™ was conceived, it has been important to us to build a robust ecosystem that will support and grow competitive Overwatch® —now, and into the future. This foundation gives tomorrow’s top pros an elevated arena in which to hone their skills and prove their worth as they strive toward the Overwatch League, the pinnacle of Overwatch competition.

To that end, it’s been an exciting few months for us here at the Overwatch League Office. To complement the high standard of competition we have seen in China, Korea, and the Asia-Pacific region, we launched Overwatch Contenders in North America and Europe. Shortly thereafter, we announced the Overwatch Open Division, where players ranked Master or higher can take their first steps into the world of organized competitive play.

The brilliant esports action these and other events across the globe have showcased recently has left us inspired and hungry for more. We know that you are excited for the launch of the Overwatch League, and believe me, we’re right there with you. We’re all itching to see which competitors will make it to the next level as rosters full of world-class players are meticulously crafted.

To help this team-building process happen smoothly and effectively, the Overwatch League Office will be compiling a scouting report, which will be available to all Overwatch League team owners.

On June 27 we sent out an email survey to a select group of top players from around the world who can now opt to be included in this report. These players were chosen based on specific criteria:

  • A top-500 finish in Competitive Play (based on Skill Rating) in Overwatch Seasons 3 or 4 for any region
  • A playoff finish in recent high-caliber tournaments such as APEX Season 2 or Premier Series 2017 Spring, or an invitation to Pacific Championship 2017 Season 1
  • Other distinguishing qualifications indicative of top-tier talent, including but not limited to membership on an established professional Overwatch team

On top of this, all included players must have accounts that are in good standing with Blizzard and meet other legal requirements for age and eligibility to participate in professional competition as specified in each country’s laws.

The survey asked players to declare their interest in participating in the Overwatch League. If they were interested, the survey also asked them about their experiences and preferences and to grant permission to the Overwatch League to share their information with team owners.

In gathering and organizing this data, our intent is to provide teams with a useful tool to support a roster-building strategy; we are not saying that this information should override other important factors. Statistics, as we know, are only one piece of the puzzle in determining what makes an Overwatch player great, but we wanted to ensure that every great Overwatch player is presented to team owners on a level, transparent playing field for consideration.

Although receiving this survey email does not guarantee a spot on an Overwatch League team, it is a sign that the recipient’s skill and dedication to Overwatch has not gone unnoticed. And that sentiment goes for all of you in the Overwatch community: every competitive player, every viewer, every streamer, every cosplayer, every fan artist, every esports fan. We see you, and we are building the Overwatch League to be worthy of your passion. Thank you for believing in us, and keep an eye out for more news coming soon.

- Nate Nanzer

Commissioner, Overwatch League