In July, we welcomed the first seven teams into the Overwatch League™ — Boston, Los Angeles, Miami-Orlando, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, and Shanghai — and we told you that we would be announcing more teams in the future. Well, the future is now.

It’s with great pleasure that we announce London and a second Los Angeles team as the next two teams entering the fray.

The city of London, England, has been claimed by esports organization Cloud9. Founded in 2012, Cloud9 has been a consistent leader in esports across multiple titles. We are excited that they are building a team based in the United Kingdom and becoming the first team to represent Europe’s unique community in a truly global league.

"We are thrilled that Cloud9’s formidable fan base throughout Europe and the UK now has a local team to call their own."

Jack Etienne, Founder and CEO of Cloud9

Back on the West Coast of the United States, a second team for Los Angeles has been snapped up by Stan Kroenke and Josh Kroenke. Known as international leaders in the sports industry, Stan and Josh Kroenke own professional teams, stadiums, and media holdings around the world. We’re very happy to be able to rely on their deep expertise in sports as work on the Overwatch League continues at full speed. 

“We're going to build a great team for Los Angeles that inspires fans near and far.”

Josh Kroenke, Cofounder of KSE Esports

That brings Overwatch League to a total of nine teams so far, and our latest new owners won’t be the last. Your continued support and excitement drive everything we do, and fuel us as we work towards the launch of the League later this year.

Remember, the player signing window is now open, and announced Overwatch League teams can add players until it closes on October 30, 2017. Keep your browser bookmarked to for official news on rosters and more information about the Overwatch League as a whole. You can also follow the Overwatch League on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and join the conversation.