We're proud to announce the official name of the Seoul, South Korea Overwatch League™ franchise: the Seoul Dynasty. While the name certainly evokes images of Asian rulers in bygone eras, it's also a term in traditional sports, reserved only for those teams whose names become indelibly associated with long-term success—a distinction this team is clearly aiming for. As for the logo, the tiger is a national symbol of South Korea, representing strength, courage, and good fortune, while the golden color emphasizes the connection to royalty. Congratulations to the Seoul Dynasty and team owner Kevin Chou!



For more background, check out the team's official press release and follow them on Twitter @SeoulDynasty, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube. Be sure to keep up with the latest Overwatch League news on overwatchleague.com and our official Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram feeds as well.