We're proud to present the name of a team with a large-and-in-charge attitude and a swagger in its step: the Houston Outlaws. Texas is famous for its hardy, self-reliant cowboy culture, where people live by their own rules. The team name references this rebellious streak, and the star, longhorn skull, and twin revolvers in the team logo are also emblematic of the Lone Star State. Last but not least, the green in the team's colors is a signature shade for Outlaws parent organization OpTic Gaming, whose rabid fans are collectively known as "the Green Wall." Congratulations to the Houston Outlaws and OpTic Gaming!

For more background and information about the Houston Outlaws' roster, check out the team's official press release and follow @OutlawsOW on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube. Be sure to keep up with the latest Overwatch League news on overwatchleague.com and our official Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram feeds as well.