Matt ‘Coolmatt’ Iorio’s soft-spoken demeanor belies his high-powered Overwatch skills and determination to win. Coolmatt’s competitive career started in December 2015, when his team was invited to a tournament for the top teams in the closed Overwatch beta. Since then, he’s had a string of top-four placements at major tournaments on teams like Fnatic, and recently took 3rd/4th place at Overwatch Contenders North America Season One with FNRGFE.

If that wasn’t enough, Coolmatt also was selected for Team USA in the 2017 Overwatch World Cup—a team that dominated its matches in the group stage. Now, he is preparing to take the stage as a member of the Houston Outlaws in the Overwatch League.

Coolmatt’s top moment thus far in his two years of Overwatch competition? “Probably at DreamHack last year, when we went into the tournament as the underdogs overall,” he said. “We went up against the favorites, [Ninjas in Pyjamas]. Everyone thought we were going to lose, but winning that one—like the feeling after that with the crowd cheering and with all of us jumping up and down—that was probably my favorite moment.”

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