Before the 2017 Overwatch World Cup Group Stage in Los Angeles this past August, Jake ‘Jake’ Lyon had never competed on stage. It was a big ask of a debutante to lead Team USA in front of a home crowd, but he did it in style.

Jake’s first Overwatch esports event of any kind was Overwatch Contenders North America Season Zero, where he played DPS for Luminosity Gaming Evil. He and his team finished tied for 7th—a respectable result, but not enough to qualify into Season One. From there, Jake was all-in on the Overwatch World Cup. Although some fans were initially skeptical of the roster for Team USA, they were more than satisfied once the Group Stage event rolled into Los Angeles. In his strategic shotcaller role, Jake and his talented team soared to new heights, and impressed many in postgame interviews with his articulate speech and calm, thoughtful demeanor.

The 2017 Overwatch World Cup was the spotlight Jake needed, and now he stands proudly—alongside two of his Team USA teammates—as a member of the Houston Outlaws.

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