Sebastian 'Chipshajen' Widlund of Sweden may be one of the most competitive Overwatch Support players around, but his relaxed, slightly goofy personality shows he takes it all in stride.

Chipshajen is a veteran of competitive gaming. He’s played in Overwatch tournaments since late 2015, during the closed beta, and found a great deal of success with teams like IDDQD, Team Envy, and even the Swedish national squad for the 2016 Overwatch World Cup. Chips also has the distinction of winning the first season of South Korea's Overwatch APEX tournament with Team Envy in 2016—no small feat for a European team facing 12 highly skilled Korean rosters. Most recently, Team Envy took on the Overwatch League’s Dallas franchise, becoming the Dallas Fuel, and the rest is—or will be—history.

Chips grew up in a small town and spent the first part of his career packing and shipping boxes. His Overwatch journey has taken him all over the world, helping him make friends he never would have met otherwise. "Our team is kind of special in a way, in that most of us come from different places, [and] for some reason we seem to mix very well," Chips says. "The most fun part about playing games in general is playing with your friends. Everyone just wants to have fun, so, that's what we do."

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