Sweden’s Kevin 'TviQ' Lindström has a steely intensity that his mild-mannered demeanor can't quite conceal. As an experienced hitscan player from other competitive first-person shooter titles, TviQ took to Overwatch quite naturally when he started competing with the team Pubstars during the closed beta in late 2015. He started seeing real results on a European team named IDDQD with future Overwatch League pros like Timo 'Taimou' Kettunen and Sebastian 'Chipshajen' Widlund, both now of the Dallas Fuel, then played for the well-known EU team Rogue before joining the Mayhem's parent organization Misfits in late 2016. TviQ and the Misfits roster recently took second place in the Overwatch Contenders Europe Season One Playoffs after going undefeated in the regular season.

Given such a distinguished pedigree, TviQ's personal career goal is unsurprisingly similarly ambitious: become recognized as the best player in Overwatch. But don't expect emotions to get the better of him when he's playing on a stage with millions watching, because the challenge actually makes him stronger. "Being up on the stage with the high pressure–I don't really become emotional, I don't really feel much while I'm actually there playing," he says. "It's just, like, the more pressure I have, the better I perform."

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