Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won cemented his status as a top North American Offense player at his first live tournament event, representing Team USA in the 2017 Overwatch World Cup. But to other top-level players in the region, he was definitely no stranger—Sinatraa spamming “hiya!” on Tracer while deleting his opponents is the stuff of nightmares for the top 500.

While thriving online season after season, Sinatraa also was a part of Selfless Gaming, a team renowned for its aggressive compositions, high-level mechanical skill, and spawn-camping. Although they never won a major, Selfless were known as a team to be respected.

Today, alongside former Selfless teammate Daniel ‘dhaK’ Martínez Paz, Sinatraa is playing for the San Francisco Shock. After getting his first taste against international competition in the Overwatch World Cup, Sinatraa will be looking to prove he is more than just a solo-queue superstar.

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