There are few who can claim already to be a legend in Overwatch esports. The Seoul Dynasty’s Je-hong “Ryujehong” Ryu is one of them.

From October 2016, Ryujehong was a Support player for Lunatic-Hai, one of the most celebrated teams in South Korea, the roster of which was picked up for the Seoul Dynasty. The team shone as one of the best in an ecosystem known for its talent, and emerged as back-to-back Overwatch APEX champions in Seasons Two and Three.

Ryujehong himself is the standard towards which Support players worldwide aspire. Although his play on Ana in particular is arguably the best in the world, his hero pool is incredibly versatile, and he will willingly switch out to bait his opponents or make incredible plays. To him, all that matters is the win.

Together with his tried-and-tested teammates, Ryujehong has descended on Los Angeles to show the Overwatch League that, although other teams have gathered players that they believe are the best in the world, nothing can stop a Dynasty.

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