In January, we announced our casting talent for the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. Today we are happy to add four new names to that already deep roster. These are your newest Overwatch League hosts:

Miram "Hwimori" Ahn, South Korea

Miram Ahn is a YouTube creator who brings her passion to Overwatch news. She had her career path set as a pharmacist in Korea, but she is starting her second life as a broadcaster after her fateful meeting with Overwatch. She will create a variety of Korean-language content for fans and Overwatch League players using her experiences as a YouTuber, a streamer, and a caster/host for college esports. Follow her on Twitter at @imHwimori.

Malik Forté, United States

Former video-game journalist, Reaper main, and devout console player, Malik Forté made his way into the Overwatch competitive scene during 2016’s ELEAGUE Overwatch Open as the sole field reporter. After a botched handshake with Seagull during the event garnered national attention, Malik decided to continue his foray into esports broadcasting, later taking part in the ELEAGUE Street Fighter Invitational and the Overwatch World Cup 2017. He is best known for his rabid fanaticism of hip-hop culture and his past contributions as the video-game editor for Catch Malik on Twitter at @Malik4Play.

Qiong "ChiXiaoTu" Li, China

Qiong Li has been calling Overwatch games since closed beta. She created her own professional female Overwatch team and has also served as team manager for other pro teams. Since 2016, Li has been an official caster and host for Chinese Overwatch, and has been active in various other Overwatch scenes. Now working from Los Angeles, Li hopes to help produce even better Chinese-language content about Overwatch League teams and players. Follow her on Twitter at @ChiXiaoTu_OW or her Weibo at @赤小兔兔兔.

Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez, United States

Alex Mendez is a fixture of the global esports community, lending his voice and talent to competitions around the world. Since his early days of competing in console FPS, to his time behind the scenes as a community organizer at Twitch, and throughout his career as a host and caster, Alex has maintained an unparalleled ability to inspire passion in every audience. He is incredibly excited to bring that same trademark passion to his next challenge, the Overwatch League. Find him on Twitter at @GoldenboyFTW.

This week Malik and Goldenboy will join our previously announced Overwatch League talent, while ChiXiaoTu and Hwimori will begin producing special content segments for fans in China and Korea.