When Andrej "Babybay" Francisty arrived for his interview after the San Francisco Shock’s clinical 3-0 destruction of the Dallas Fuel, his sneakers were immediately noticeable—white, gray, and orange, with a “bb” (for his name) on the right tongue and a “13” (his jersey number) on the left instep—a look nearly as sharp as his team’s performance a few minutes earlier.

San Francisco has had a rough season, with wins coming few and far between, but that could be changing after strong efforts in recent weeks. Babybay was happy to discuss his team’s improvements, his most feared opponents, and the rapidly shifting landscape of the Overwatch League.

People have been saying that [Dallas Fuel DPS] Dylan "aKm" Bignet is one of the best, or maybe the best, Soldier: 76 players in the world. Do you agree?

Babybay: (Laugh) I mean, he’s really good, he’s a really good Soldier—I used to look up to him. He’s great. I think they have other things to worry about. I don’t think he played bad at all.

What’s the hardest part of playing against the Fuel?

I think that playing against Effect is hard in [and of] itself. He’s so clutch. It doesn’t matter what Hero he’s on, he’s a very clutch player. When I think of the Fuel, the players that intimidate me are Effect and Rascal. Rascal’s really good, too. And I think Custa’s really underrated.

What vulnerabilities of the Fuel were you able to exploit during tonight’s win?

I think their tank play is pretty exploitable. It just seems like they don’t have synergy between the tanks yet—and overall coordination. Our team struggles with that, too, like when we run Genji-Tracer. That’s why we’re not opting to run it as much, only in very niche situations. You need complete coordination to run that composition.

Who do you think was the MVP from this match?

Either Danteh or Sleepy. They both popped off really hard today. The last map, I think Danteh didn’t die, [or] he died one time the entire map? I mean come on, dude. (Laugh) That’s insane, dude. 27-0 on Tracer? I would definitely give it to Danteh or Sleepy. Equally.

You guys have struggled to this season. What do you view as the key to turning that around?

I think this meta change was really good. We also ended up getting a new coach, JunkbUck. He’s been helping us out a lot, making us play to our strengths. I think we’re going to do much better now.

You guys play NYXL on Saturday. Are you going to keep the win streak alive?

I want to! We’re going to try really hard. I always go into matches thinking we’re going to win, so… I think we’re going to win.

They were our scrim partner all last stage, so it’s going to be cool, finally playing them in a match.

What’s the key to beating them?

I think the key to beating them is making sure Saebyeolbe doesn’t destroy your whole team.

You think they’re the best team in the league?


What kind of margin are we talking about? Way better?

No. I think very close to London. I think they and London are the best teams in the league, and it’s very close.

Who’s in third?

Probably Seoul.


(Laugh) It’s either Valiant or…

The Shock?

No, we’re not there yet. We’re like eighth right now, right? We gotta work our way up slowly. Fourth would be Valiant or Philly?

I’m not sure, dude. [The] Valiant has leveled up now. KariV is a good hitscan [DPS]. They can throw out a lot more now. They can throw out a Widow[maker], or they can throw out a Genji, you know, with Agilities… They leveled up by putting KariV on DPS.

Players in the Overwatch League tend to be very respectful. Do you feel like we could use a little more trash talk?

(Laugh) I don’t know, it’s a different environment now. Everyone’s so nice. How do you trash talk now? If you’re the only guy who does it, everyone’s going to hate you! I think as soon as playoffs come around, that’s when you’re going to see some trash talk.

Earlier you mentioned struggling with team synergy. Based on tonight's results, it seems like it's getting better. What was the key to turning that around?

Just time. We went from scrimming only twice a day to three blocks plus VOD review. We’ve been grinding really hard to get everything cleaned up.

Well, looks like it’s showing, man.

Yeah! Thank God. We’ll see on Saturday. That will be the real test.

Overwatch League action continues today at 4 p.m. with a matchup between the Philadelphia Fusion and Seoul Dynasty. Tune in live on TwitchMLG.com and the MLG app, OverwatchLeague.com, or the official Overwatch League app.