With the Overwatch League Playoffs starting soon, we’ll examine each team’s outlook of reaching the postseason.



New York Excelsior (33-5, +84 map differential)

NYXL clinched the no. 1 seed back in Week 2, along with a first-round bye in the playoffs, and the Atlantic Division title. They’ve also locked up the league’s best record, and with one more win they’re also into the Stage 4 Finals, where they can attempt to win a third consecutive stage title. The NYXL might also be in position to knock out the Outlaws, but only if Houston can beat the Fusion on Thursday.

Remaining schedule: Uprising (24-14), Outlaws (21-17)


Los Angeles Valiant (26-12, +36)

The Valiant captured the Pacific Division title and clinched the no. 2 seed—and a first-round bye in the playoffs—with a victory over the Outlaws on Saturday. They’ll own at least a share of the league’s second-best record even if they don’t win one of their final two matchups in Week 5. The Valiant have also locked up a spot in the Stage 4 Finals with an impressive 8-0 mark this season.

Remaining schedule: Shock (16-22), Fuel (11-27)


Boston Uprising (24-14, +22)

After an 0-6 start to Stage 4, Boston finally turned their fortunes around last week with a pair of victories against Seoul and Shanghai. While the slow start has removed them from Stage 4 title contention, the Uprising are officially in the playoffs. Of all the teams still fighting to get in, Boston has the most control over their seeding. If they win out, they’ll lock up the no. 3 seed. But if they lose out, the team could drop as far as the no. 6 seed, which would put them in the unenviable position of facing the NYXL should they advance out of the first round.

Remaining schedule: Excelsior (33-5), Mayhem (7-31)



London Spitfire (23-15, +31)

London is in a good spot. With one win, they’re in. If they win out, and Boston drops a match, then they’ll own the no. 3 seed and avoid having to face top-seeded New York until a potential Grand Finals showdown. Should the Spitfire stumble and lose twice this week, then they’ll need a little help to get in. Losses by both the Outlaws and Dynasty would ensure them a spot. London is officially eliminated from Stage 4 Finals contention.

Remaining schedule: Mayhem (7-31), Fusion (23-15)


Los Angeles Gladiators (23-15, +18)

The Gladiators are also win-and-in, and they have the easiest path with the winless Dragons and struggling Dynasty on deck. Like all the teams chasing the final three spots, the Gladiators could finish anywhere from third to sixth. Should they somehow lose twice this week, then they’ll also need loses by the Outlaws and Dynasty to get in. LA will also lock up a Stage 4 Finals spot with a single victory. They can still make it even if they lose twice, but that could boil down to map differential.

Remaining schedule: Dragons (0-38), Dynasty (21-17)


Philadelphia Fusion (23-15, +13)

The Fusion bounced back in Week 4 with wins against the Shock and the Dynasty. They also just need one win to grab a postseason spot, and can still get in without a Week 5 win with losses from both the Outlaws and Dynasty. Philadelphia can still make the Stage 4 Finals if they win out, and either pass Dallas on map differential or if the Fuel lose either of their matches.

Remaining schedule: Outlaws (21-17), Spitfire (23-15)


Houston Outlaws (21-17, +16)

The Outlaws are in a tough spot. Their schedule this week is the most difficult of any of the teams still in contention for a playoff spot, and even if they beat the Fusion, they’ll still need to face the best team in the league. Should they somehow manage two wins in Week 5, they still won’t get in unless either the Spitfire, Gladiators, or Fusion lose both of their matches. Houston still has a path to the Stage 4 Finals, but again, they’ll need to win out and get past Dallas on maps or with a Fuel loss.

Remaining schedule: Fusion (23-15), Excelsior (33-5)


Seoul Dynasty (21-17, +13)

The Dynasty have sputtered to a 2-6 record in Stage 4, and are on the wrong side of the postseason cutoff line as Week 5 begins. From their current position in eighth place, they need to win out, and have either the Spitfire, Gladiators, or Fusion lose twice. Then they’d still need to have the map differential edge to sneak in.

Remaining schedule: Fuel (11-27), Gladiators (23-15)



San Francisco Shock (16-22, -9 map differential)

While the Shock have been eliminated from the season playoffs, they’re still alive for the Stage 4 Finals. To make it, they’ll need to win out, and get help: Dallas, Philadelphia, and Houston all need to lose at least once and not have significant map differential gains. Even then, it could come down to the next tiebreaker after maps, which is head-to-head. The Shock defeated Dallas and Houston this stage, but lost to the Fusion.

Remaining schedule: Valiant (26-12), Dragons (0-38)


Dallas Fuel (11-27, -42)

Dallas is also out of the playoffs, but remain in contention for the Stage 4 Finals. They’re currently the last team in, and if they win out they’ll hold that spot. But that’s a big if, as the Fuel are winless against the Dynasty and Valiant this season. They can get in with a split, but they’d need some map differential help at that point.

Remaining schedule: Dynasty (21-17), Valiant (26-12)


Florida Mayhem (7-31, -70)

The Mayhem dodged a bullet with a narrow victory over the winless Dragons last week. They’ll finish against two teams—London and Boston—that they’ve yet to defeat all season. If they can somehow grab a win this week, they’ll not only end the season on a positive note, but they might also impact the seeding of teams in the playoffs.

Remaining schedule: Spitfire (23-15), Uprising (24-14)


Shanghai Dragons (0-38, -112)

The Dragons came oh-so-close to that elusive first win against the Mayhem last week. They’ll probably need to wait until 2019 for another shot, because both their Week 5 opponents have good reason to bring their A-game with both stage and season playoff spots on the line.

Remaining schedule: Gladiators (23-15), Shock (16-22)

Tickets for the Stage 4 Finals and the first two rounds of the playoffs are currently available on AXS.com. The playoffs will be streamed live on Twitch, MLG.com and the MLG app, and on OverwatchLeague.com and the official Overwatch League app.