With Stage 4 in the rearview mirror, all eyes are now on the Overwatch League Playoffs, which begin July 11 at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles and conclude with the Grand Finals from July 27-28 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

To help get everyone ready, we’re breaking down how it all works, from the schedule and format to the patch and map pools.

Quarterfinals—July 11, 13, 14 (BALA)

#3 Boston Uprising vs. #6 Philadelphia Fusion

#4 Los Angeles Gladiators vs. #5 London Spitfire

Semifinals—July 18, 20, 21 (BALA)

The teams will be reseeded from 1-4 based on quarterfinal outcomes, meaning the LA Valiant will play the quarterfinal winner with the better win-loss record, and the NYXL will play the remaining team.

Grand Finals—July 27-28 (Barclays Center)

Winner of Semifinal 1 vs. Winner of Semifinal 2

Playoff Format

The first team to win two best-of-five (BO5) matches will advance to the next round of the playoffs. For the quarterfinals and semifinals, each series will play their first BO5 match on Wednesday of each week. The two series will then play out the remainder of their matches on either Friday or Saturday.

Boston vs. Philadelphia will kick off the action at 5 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, July 11, with LA vs. London to follow. The remainder of the Uprising-Fusion series will be played on Friday, July 13, and Spitfire-Gladiators on Saturday, July 14.

At the Grand Finals, the two teams will play their first BO5 on Friday, July 27, and the remainder of their matches on Saturday, July 28.

Where To Watch

All playoffs and Grand Finals matches will be live and on demand on OverwatchLeague.com, Overwatch League app, MLG.com, MLG app, and on Twitch. Matches will also be broadcast in the following locations:


Playoff Patch

The playoffs will be played on Patch 1.25. Reworked Symmetra will not be available, but Lúcio and reworked Hanzo will be available.

Map Pool

Did you catch the map pool selection segment on Watchpoint earlier this week?

The results: Dorado and Junkertown (Escort), Oasis and Lijiang Tower (Control), Eichenwalde and King’s Row (Hybrid), Volskaya Industries and Hanamura (Assault), and Nepal (tiebreaker Control).

The matches will progress in this order: Escort, Control, Hybrid, Assault, and Escort again, with a tiebreaker being played on Control if needed.

Map Picks

The playoffs will introduce one fun wrinkle that could affect team strategy. The first two matches of each series will feature a pre-assigned map rotation, with the higher seed defending first for all applicable maps. but if a series goes to a third and final match, then a map selection mechanic kicks in.

Here’s how it works for Match 3:

Escort Control Hybrid Assault* Escort* Tiebreaker*
Higher seed picks map

Lower seed picks side
Losing team picks map Losing team picks map

Winning team picks side
Losing team picks map

Winning team picks side
Losing team picks map

Winning team picks side
* if applicable

Tickets for the playoffs (July 11-21) at Blizzard Arena are still available. Get yours before they’re gone!