The Overwatch League has partnered with Spotify to bring you five playlists stocked with the favorite songs of teams battling in the Overwatch League playoffs and Grand Finals. Today, it’s time to party—just because we're trying to get eliminations doesn't mean we can't have fun! The Overwatch League playoff teams bring you the beats to bop your heads to.

This playlist was contributed to by Fragi, Dayfly, and Shadowburn from the Philadelphia Fusion; Silkthread, BigGoose, and Fissure from the LA Gladiators; Mano from the NYXL, and more.

Fun fact: Hydration picked Despacito before iRemiix purely to troll him.

Keep a lookout throughout playoffs and the Grand Finals as we bring you four more playlists: OWL Cool Down, Playoff Feels, OWL Around the World, and Overtime!