In this edition of Overwatch World Cup Origins, we’re bringing you something a little different. All esports have their chosen memes—their particular phrases, images, and Twitch chat copypastas. The Overwatch League fanbase is no different, including “Who is better than Fissure?” and “J LUL KE.”

But the cool thing about Overwatch being such a globally embraced esport is that regions can create their own memes for their own communities, and what makes the Overwatch World Cup unique is that these regional memes will suddenly have a global audience—a new batch of viewers who can embrace the meme themselves.

Every time Team Brazil takes the stage this weekend in Los Angeles, you will likely see the following in the Twitch chat. We have provided it both in Portuguese and English for your copy-pasting needs:


Eu nunca vi um time com MAURICIO HONORATO perder um jogo.... quer dizer, ele é perfeito, incrível, mira boa, inteligente, lindo... eu honestamente nao vejo MAURICIO HONORATO perdendo esse jogo.


I have never seen a team with MAURICIO HONORATO lose a game.... I mean, he's perfect, incredible, good aim, intelligent, handsome... I honestly don't see MAURICIO HONORATO losing this game.

This is in reference to Brasil Gaming House’s flex player and Team Brazil member Maurício “Honorato” Honorato, who is a favorite among Brazilian Overwatch fans. You will notice the similarities with the Fissure meme, as both refer to the handsomeness and skill level of the subject. However, as Honorato himself explains, this copypasta originated from the Campeonato Brasileiro tournament in late 2017—which means it predates the Overwatch League.

“A friend of mine, an ex-teammate actually, he always writes these long texts, mostly joking and poking fun,” Honorato said. When Contenders South America launched, the meme didn’t die—it only grew stronger. During every map of every match Brasil Gaming House played, there it was. Even in games they weren’t playing in.

It’s even permeated Twitter. When Honorato announced to his fans that his visa was confirmed, the top reply included the meme—with the word “game” replaced with “visa.”

“I won a raffle from the London Spitfire, and people started saying on the tweet, ‘I have never seen Honorato lose a raffle…’” he said, laughing.

The Brazilian fans, who Honorato describes as the most passionate in the world, will be out in force for the remainder of the weekend. As for whether or not Brazil will make it out of this Group Stage, Honorato is not sure.

“Top two will be hard with Canada and USA, they are titans,” he said. “But we are hopeful, we will try our best.”

Brazil mostly wants to use this opportunity as a yardstick to measure themselves against their peers around the globe. In that sense, they see Team Norway as their most important opponent.

“They have Contenders NA and EU players,” he said, “and we want to show we can compete against NA and EU.”

Catch Team Brazil and the rest of the Los Angeles Group Stage on Twitch and MLG—don’t forget the Honorato copypasta! Matches will also be broadcast live on ESPN3. Check your local listings for select broadcasts on Disney XD.