Hangzhou is a team comprised of some of the best talent that Contenders Korea has to offer, as well as a few standout stars from the Chinese region.

The most interesting aspect of this roster is the incredible versatility of the DPS players. Each individual player is capable of playing multiple heroes and multiple styles (i.e. hitscan/projectile). It is nearly impossible to predict the starting lineup, and perhaps Hangzhou will use that to their advantage.

This team has preexisting synergy, with four former players from X6-Gaming and three former players from Team Seven. That should help them develop solid team chemistry early on. However, the question of trying to integrate the Chinese players into a largely Korean roster still looms, especially if half the frontline and half the backline don’t fluently speak the same language.

Let’s break down the roster.


Qiulin “Guxue” Xu: Perhaps the most well-known player on the roster to people who don’t follow Contenders, Guxue exploded onto the scene during the Overwatch World Cup with amazing Winston plays, which at times seemed to singlehandedly win fights for Team China. He is a very aggressive tank player, which we’ve seen often works very well at the Overwatch League level.

Da-Un “Nosmite” Jeong: One of four former X6 members on the roster, Nosmite should have instant synergy with other members. While not quite as aggressive as Guxue, he has a style that he makes work, and likely is the better Reinhardt player of the two, which in the current meta means he should see some playing time.

Sung-Wook “Ria” Park: Joining X6’s tank line for Contenders Korea Season 2, Ria has existing synergy with frontline teammate Nosmite. Ria is a flex tank, which essentially means he spends most of his time playing D.Va. A very consistent player, Ria doesn’t make mistakes and is nearly always where he needs to be—perhaps the most important qualities in a D.Va player.


Jun-Ki “Bazzi” Park: One of three members from Team Seven, Bazzi is largely regarded as a hitscan specialist, with his best heroes being Widowmaker, McCree, and Tracer. Like many DPS specialists in the Overwatch League, he has the ability to flex onto projectile and niche heroes, but with the other DPS players on this roster, it’d be surprising if he was asked to do so. Bazzi will very likely be Hangzhou’s Widowmaker ace.

Jae-Hwan “Adora” Kang: Another DPS player who hails from Team Seven, Adora may best be known for his dominant Hanzo play, and is the best Hanzo on the roster. He also can play a top-tier Tracer and has shown flashes on the other Shimada brother, Genji—but like every other DPS player on this roster, he can play nearly every hero when asked.

Kyeong-Bo “GodsB” Kim: A former X6 member, GodsB is perhaps most aptly described as a flex DPS, and his hero pool transcends being pigeonholed as “pure hitscan” or “pure projectile.” He has had some of his best performances during playoff runs for his teams in the past, showing he is not bothered by pressure.

Shilong “Krystal” Cai: If you’re noticing a theme with versatile DPS here, lets add another in former T1w star Krystal. He plays Genji, McCree, and Tracer, and can flex onto Widowmaker as well. However, should Hangzhou need a Doomfist, he is the likely candidate. The Chinese Overwatch scene adopted the Doomfist meta earlier than any other region, and Krystal has been a standout Doomfist player going all the way back to his time with Miracle Team One in 2017.


Ho-Jin “IDK” Park: The main support star for two-time Contenders China champion Lucky Future Zenith, IDK excels on Lúcio, who has enjoyed a revival in the current triple-triple meta. It was rumored that multiple Overwatch League teams offered IDK a contract, so no one doubts his skills, game sense, and mechanics, and he will likely have a very important role in shotcalling for this Hangzhou team.

Hyung-Keun “Revenge” Ahn: A Team Seven flex support, Revenge is best known for his Ana and Zenyatta play. His Zenyatta style is a bit more aggressive and damage-oriented, and he has the ability to carry damage in team fights—which, as we know, can work in the Overwatch league.

Hee-Chang “Bebe” Yoon: Bebe is an extremely intelligent support player who plays both Ana and Zenyatta, though his Zenyatta is what stands out on tape. In addition to very rarely misusing Transcendence, Bebe consistently punishes DPS who try to dive into the backline. He is also a former member of X6.

There are no meaningful gaps in this roster, given the extreme flexibility of the DPS players—some have even played support in the past, while GodsB can occupy the Brigette role. Needless to say, the Hangzhou Spark have the players needed to run triple-triple or any other composition, making this roster one of the most exciting of all the expansion teams, one that should be able to contend very early on in the Overwatch League.