Stage 2 is bringing with it a host of changes, ranging from a large and robust slate of hero patches to a new map pool—and order. The hero changes are expected to usher in a new meta, if not immediately then certainly gradually. What part will the 30th hero, Baptiste, play in this new meta? What types of comps might he enhance or counter?

Over the last two weeks of Stage 1, we asked a small group of Overwatch League supports for their early impressions of Baptiste. Many of them hadn’t gotten a chance to fully play around with Baptiste yet, due to their focus on the stage schedule, and as with many things in the game of Overwatch, there are a range of opinions that may or may not bear out once he actually makes his league debut.

Tae-Sung “Anamo” Jung, NYXL

“Baptiste might actually make 3-3 even stronger. I’m guessing he could be played instead of Brigitte or D.Va. It’s hard to heal Winston and D.Va as Baptiste, so everyone needs to be together to get maximum heals, like in a deathball comp with a Reinhardt, so that’s why I think 3-3 might become even stronger.”

Daniel “Boink” Pence, Houston Outlaws

“I think he’ll be really good, but it depends on what heroes he synergizes well with. Supports are weird in the fact that besides this [3-3] meta, you only generally want to run two, so you have to see who he synergizes with and how the ultimates pair together. He might fit in a lot of 3-3 instead of Brigitte, so maybe we’ll see more of that, but it depends on if 3-3 is even strong in the first place. If it’s not, then maybe he doesn’t have a place. Maybe he has a place with Orisa comps—I think that could be really good. So if Orisa meta is coming, I think he’ll be really strong in that.

“Generally you want your flex support on the hero that does more damage—for most teams, flex support has better aim, although that’s debatable. The other thing—if it’s Mercy and Baptiste together, you’ll want the people who have been playing Mercy to play Mercy. We’ll have to see exactly where he gets played, because even DPS players can play it, if you’re playing Lucio, Zen, and Baptiste. It’s sort of like Brig, but you never know. Brig might shift [between] roles a little bit, and I think he will too.”

Jonas “Shaz” Suovaara, Los Angeles Gladiators

“At least for [assault maps], or maps with high ground on the first point, I think the main support might play him in Orisa comps. I think it’s going to be Zen, Baptiste, and Orisa. [When it comes to 3-3], I think it’s going to be more about the other changes than Baptiste.”

Joo-Sung “Roky” Park, Toronto Defiant

“When it comes to sustainability, I think you can charge his ult really quickly with his healing abilities. If we’re talking about 3-3, I think Baptiste can heal a lot and charge his ult quickly, and also help out with the team’s ability to sustain, so I think he’ll be good if you’re able to cycle ults quickly. I’m not sure how the meta will change, but I think he could be played by the flex support or even a DPS.”

Chunting “Kyo” Kong, Chengdu Hunters

“With Baptiste, I think we’ll see an even stronger version of 3-3. His healing abilities really suit 3-3 comps, especially his Immortality Field. He could affect the pro meta if teams work him into their 3-3 comps. We’ll just have to find out what kinds of lineups are possible with Baptiste.”

Alberto “Neptuno” González Molinillo, Philadelphia Fusion

“I haven’t played it, but I’ve seen it, and my thoughts are that I think it would really cool to play that hero. I hope it doesn’t favor another meta where DPS are not [played]. I would like to see room for at least one DPS hero in the game. I hope the new hero and the new balance [patch] makes that happen.”

Riley “Fahzix” Taylor, Washington Justice

“I was theorycrafting a lot with him—not just him, but the other changes [in the patch as well]. I was looking at a lot of double sniper—a lot of people used to run double sniper and either dive tanks or Orisa-Roadhog, and they would just basically pinch from three different sides. I feel like Baptiste could replace maybe Zenyatta in that comp, because he has a lot of mobility that Zen doesn’t. It’ll be interesting.”

Stage 2 begins today, so stay tuned to see how Baptiste and the other hero changes might reshape the pro game! Watch all 2019 season matches live and on demand on, the Overwatch League app, our Twitch channel,, and the MLG app.