With the Overwatch League 2019 All-Stars on tap this week, we asked Reinforce to weigh in with his predictions for what to expect.

Widowmaker 1v1

Eight players will fight for the title of best Widowmaker in the league. Four from each division, with the Atlantic and Pacific coaches determining and seeding competitors. The Atlantic seeds and participants: (1) Pine, (2) Carpe, (3) Nenne, and (4) Jjonak. The Pacific: (1) Viol2t, (2), Fleta, (3) Shu, and (4) Diem. Here are my top four players you should keep an eye on!

1. Do-Hyeon "Pine" Kim, New York Excelsior

The big boss himself! Pine is a fan-favorite rockstar with plenty of flair when it comes to the hitscan heroes, McCree and Widowmaker. While he has not seen any playtime in 2019 due to the overwhelming amount of triple-tank, triple-support play, he is still a specialist in every sense of the word. In the 2018 Widowmaker 1v1 competition, Pine lost in a tight 6-7 match against San Francisco’s Nam-Ju ”Striker” Kwon—but he lost in stellar fashion and put on a show for fans to remember. With most of his opponents having transitioned to Brigitte and Zarya play, perhaps Pine will prove himself to be the one with the sharpest Widowmaker skills.

2. Yeon-Gwan "Nenne" Jeong, New York Excelsior

If you followed Nenne's adventurous Contenders career prior to graduating to the Overwatch League, you would know that he's a serious threat at all things hitscan—and especially Widowmaker. While he started off this season with some exceptional Zarya play—before catching some flack after an unfortunate Graviton Surge in the Stage 1 Playoffs—his main heroes are Tracer and Widowmaker. Nenne is a good dark horse to win this tournament, though he’s currently overshadowed by his fellow Excelsior teammate Pine.

3. Jae-Hyeok "Carpe" Lee, Philadelphia Fusion

A Widowmaker 1v1 finalist last year, Carpe looks to take home the title of the deadliest Widowmaker duelist in the league this year. While the Zarya meta has not been kind to him, his reputation for straight-up carrying matches for the Fusion remains, and we’re hoping that his aim has remained as sharp as ever.

4. Min-Sung "Diem" Bae, Shanghai Dragons

An underdog pick! With Lane "Surefour" Roberts out of the mix, rookie players are looking to leave their mark on the 2019 All-Stars, and the Widowmaker 1v1 is Diem’s best chance. Already showing off his precision skills on the rebuilt Dragons roster this year, Diem is a hitscan specialist ready to take on the rest of the league and make his presence known.

All-Star Arcade presented by State Farm

Jun-Young "Profit" Park and Carpe vs. Hyo-Jong "Haksal" Kim and Hu "Jinmu" Yi? Count me in! If you’re uncertain about what to look forward to in this year’s All-Star Arcade, the Sibling Rivalry—featuring three Genjis and three Hanzos on each side—should bless you with endless entertainment. Not as chaotic as Terrible, Terrible Damage, which makes only DPS heroes available, the small but essential structure of the Genji vs. Hanzo showdown should make the game easier to follow, while not disappointing in terms of exciting moments.

Talent Takedown presented by T-Mobile

Alright, here’s the thing. As you’re reading this, the broadcast talent are all busy trash-talking and tooting their own horns ahead of one of the most anticipated matches of the year. Since there are no legitimately good players to actually have an impact in this year’s competition, the outcome could be determined by the flip of a coin.

Brennon "Bren" Hook is dealing with the dilemma of looking to record some Torbjörn time, while also having to actually play an impactful hero and carry his Atlantic teammates. His opponents on the Pacific squad—featuring the self-absorbed caster duo of Mitch "Uber" Leslie and Matt "Mr X" Morello—are in a prime position to complain their way to victory.

Ultimately, in this absolute barn-burner of a match, Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson looks to be the X-factor that pushes the Atlantic team across the finish line first. While his greatest setback is the angle in which he approaches the enemy, his Zenyatta orbs are sure to land at least somewhere beneficial. Let’s just hope he’s not forced to play any other hero, because if so, the Atlantic team would need some serious reinforcements...

All-Star Game Powered by Intel

At the end of the day, it all comes down to Thursday’s All-Star Game. Featuring some of our most accomplished and well-known names, the Atlantic and the Pacific Divisions will go head-to-head in a first-to-four showmatch, featuring all 36 All-Star players.

While the Pacific Division features household names such as Jay "Sinatraa" Won, Je-Hong "Ryujehong" Ryu, and Sang-Beom "Bumper" Park, the Atlantic Division and their six (!) New York Excelsior players jump out as the clear favorites in this blockbuster matchup. A return of the superstar duo of Profit and Carpe has me all kinds of excited, and how can you ever forget about Jun-Ho "Fury" Kim’s Torbjörn strategies?

My final prediction is a narrow 4-3 win for the Atlantic team, with Pine earning player of the match honors.