Want to show support for your favorite team?

Welcome to our new community competition, Skins in the Game, that allows you to compete head-to-head with fans of all 20 Overwatch League teams.

From July 15–19, every time you play a Quick Play or Competitive match wearing a hero skin of your favorite team, you’ll earn one point for that team. You can also play along on Twitter—just send a tweet with #MyOWLTeam and tag the account of your favorite team to earn a point for that team. It’s that simple—and you can do it as many times as you want!

We’ll total all the points and announce the winning team on July 22. The winning Overwatch League team gets bragging rights (of course!) and an Instagram takeover on @overwatchleague.

Please keep in mind the following rules for the in-game competition:

  • Points will only accrue in Quick Play and Competitive—so while it’s always cool to show your colors, you won’t accumulate points in other modes.
  • You must complete the map in order to get credit for your team. If a map goes to overtime, you still need to be there at the end.
  • It’s OK if you are eliminated during a match and need to switch to another hero. As long as your hero was in a team skin sometime during the match, and you complete that match, you’ll get credit. For example, if you play Genji in a Reign skin but are eliminated and then switch to Hanzo in a non-team skin, you’ll still earn a point for the Reign if you finish.
  • You can wear either the home or away team skins. Either earns a point.
  • You can wear team skins for any hero. They all count.
  • Atlantic and Pacific All-Stars skins do not count.
  • This competition is open to all players, in all regions, on all platforms.

Keep an eye on Twitter for updates on which teams are getting the most points from their fans.

Get ready to suit up and support your favorite team!

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