1. NO ONE!

After the Titans’ loss to the Valiant on Sunday, my top two teams have both been on the losing side of major upsets in the past two weeks. With the meta currently favoring more DPS play, and a lot more Sombra, it’s fairly unpredictable as to who is the best team in the league. One could argue that the Titans deserve to be placed on top because of their dominance all season long, but the current meta has changed, and I fear that their first loss to the Valiant warrants doubt in their ability to counter Sombra compositions.

The Shock, on the other hand, are currently favored to replace the Titans atop the leaderboard after a decisive 4-0 against Seoul in Week 2 of this stage (although Seoul doesn’t play Sombra like Houston). But the Shock’s reluctance to dedicate themselves to Sombra triple-support compositions has me questioning them as well. While I don’t think one necessarily has to play Sombra to ultimately win the Stage 3 Playoffs, the Shock’s loss to the Outlaws will be kept in the back of my mind until they can take down the versatile teams in Chengdu and London in Week 4.

t-2. Vancouver Titans (19-1)

The Shock lost to the Outlaws, and the Titans lost to the Valiant. Who is the better of the victors? Who knows? San Francisco barely even plays Sombra, which proved to be the weakness that took down the Titans to begin with! Chaos!

The Titans are of course one of our top teams in the league. We should not overreact given that they’ve only lost once and their record is 19-1… but I’m feeling cautious after seeing Vancouver struggle so much against the ever more prevalent Sombra.

t-2. San Francisco Shock (15-4)

The Shock remain at the two spot after two great wins against bottom teams—the Uprising and the Mayhem in Week 3. Perhaps some harder tests against the Hunters and the Spitfire in Week 4 will grant us some more competitive Overwatch.

If the Shock can convincingly take down both of those two teams, I’m feeling confident enough to place them atop the power rankings once more.

3. New York Excelsior (16-2)

New York is still our third-place team after a barnburner match against the Spitfire that went the way to a fifth map. Surprisingly, a lot of DPS heroes were in the mix, but in my opinion, that showing only reinforced my respect for their high ranking. The intuition and understanding of Overwatch displayed in that match was sublime, and I highly recommend watching the match.

4. Hangzhou Spark (12-7)

The Spark secured more wins in Week 3 when they took down the Fuel 3-0 and the Dynasty 3-2 in another nailbiter of a match. In my opinion, Hangzhou is decisively the fourth-best team in the league with the potential to take down any of the top three teams. Why do you think I’ve had them as my number-four team throughout Stage 3?

5. Seoul Dynasty (10-9)

The Dynasty had everyone confused in Week 3. They started off their series against Hangzhou down 0-2, and then came back to a 2-2 scoreline in the second half after changing up their entire roster. Still, you have to respect a team that almost reverse swept the fourth-best team in the league. I don’t care whether you like the substitutions or not, Seoul has the ability to play sick Overwatch at times.

6. Los Angeles Valiant (7-12)

The Valiant climb up to sixth in my ranking after taking down the previously undefeated Titans, and for their very impressive win against the Dragons earlier in Week 3 that saw the LA team integrate new addition Johannes ”Shax” Nielsen and his Sombra into the lineup.

How do you really assess this? How good are Valiant really? It’s incredibly difficult to tell, but without a shadow of a doubt, it’s phenomenally impressive. I need more match data from this new DPS-heavy Valiant before I can rank them more precisely, but I find sixth an appropriate reward for now.

7. Shanghai Dragons (10-8)

There was a reason I ranked Shanghai as my sixth team last week, and they proved their worth in Week 3 when they defeated the Gladiators (ranked below them). Now, the Dragons did also take an L to the Valiant in a DPS showdown for the ages—that could prove to be a weakness moving forward. With two back-to-back matches against the Charge up next, the Dragons will have to prove their ability against opponents favoring DPS compositions.

8. Los Angeles Gladiators (12-7)

The Gladiators remain a top team in my mind, despite their inability to go up against Shanghai’s DPS compositions, but this team needs to do some serious rethinking as to how to counter various compositions appropriately. Initially, I and many fans were impressed by the Gladiators’ skill when it comes to the triple-tank, triple-support composition, and in my mind, they should have no problem adapting to a Sombra meta. We just have to see them adapt and execute accordingly. Their overall, consistently good play grant the Gladiators an opportunity to stay among the top teams for now.

9. London Spitfire (12-7)

The Spitfire put on fireworks against the Excelsior in Week 3, when DPS compositions made a return. We saw Jun-Ho “Fury” Kim dominating on Pharah and Jun-Young “Profit” Park succeeding on the Sombra, but the Spitfire also struggled in the first half against a woeful Justice squad. However, London did come back in the second half to secure the win.

The inconsistencies displayed were something London have made themselves known for throughout the Overwatch League. You also have to keep in mind their matchup against Washington was a bit of a trap game, considering they had a short turnaround from their Excelsior match the day before. London does play down to their opponent, but they also play up to their opponent—one of the harder teams to rank for sure.

10. Houston Outlaws (6-13)

After the Outlaws’ surge in the rankings last week, they’ve simmered down and dropped to 10th after an expected win against the Eternal but a shocking loss to the Mayhem. How do you really assess a team that beat the Shock and lost to the Mayhem? However, with two matchups against the Defiant and the Justice in Week 4, we have to expect some more wins coming through for the Outlaws.

Ranking the Rest

11. Philadelphia Fusion (10-8)

12. Atlanta Reign (7-12)

13. Chengdu Hunters (8-11)

14. Paris Eternal (8-12)

15. Guangzhou Charge (7-11)

16. Dallas Fuel (10-10)

17. Boston Uprising (8-12)

18. Toronto Defiant (7-10)

19. Florida Mayhem (2-16)

20. Washington Justice (2-16)

Stage 3 continues on Thursday, June 27, at 4 p.m. PDT, when the Spark (12-7) take on the Valiant (7-12). Watch all 2019 season matches live and on demand on overwatchleague.com, the Overwatch League app, our Twitch channel, MLG.com, and the MLG app.