1. San Francisco Shock (18-5)

The Shock remain on top, as they’re apparently the only team with some kind of consistency this stage. Their five-map win against the Gladiators was impressive, but also showed us that they have a few things to figure out. Although Jay "Sinatraa" Won only played one map, his Tracer performance on Hanamura stood out as one of the highlights—and benching a player of his caliber speaks to the incredibly high skill level of both Min-Ho "Architect" Park and Dong-Jun "Rascal" Kim.

2. Los Angeles Gladiators (15-10)

The Gladiators have moved up to the second spot in the rankings following some impressive performances, but don’t let the placing alone fool you. Their loss against the Outlaws in Week 1 was still a sign of weakness, especially in the frontline where Chang-Hoon "Roar" Gye and Jun-Woo "Void" Kang struggled. However, no other teams have really proven to be elite in the role lock meta. The Gladiators could easily slip out of the top five, but for now, they’re here because of damage duo Lane "Surefour" Roberts and Gui-Un "Decay" Jang.

3. Chengdu Hunters (12-13)

Surprise! With the Titans not performing up to par against the Justice last week, it felt wrong to continue to place them in the top three. Instead, the Hunters score this spot thanks to incredible play from Hu "Jinmu" Yi and two strong showings last week, which included a dominant win over the New York Excelsior and a very close loss to the impressive Gladiators. Yes, the Hunters did not show us much in Week 1, but as the role lock meta continues to evolve, I feel like they are in a great position to improve rapidly and dominate.

4. Vancouver Titans (22-2)

I agree with Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson on the Titans; he thinks they lack some hero depth in their damage dealers. I had to drop Vancouver down in the rankings after a crushing defeat against the Justice. Still, is this a loss worth overreacting to? There’s no question that this roster possesses some incredible players, and their overall record speaks for itself. I’m not willing to drop the Titans further until we see additional signs of weakness or further struggles.

5. Washington Justice (5-19)

The Justice are on a three-match win streak. Take that in for a second. Wow. Corey "Corey" Nigra has started showing us why he was picked up in the first place with incredible Hanzo and Widowmaker play, and murmurs about him potentially being the best North American damage player might come to fruition. Still, apart from their huge win over the Titans, the Justice have only beaten the Defiant and Mayhem. This feels like a good spot for them.

6. Atlanta Reign (12-12)

Jun "Erster" Jeong has been the name on everybody’s lips after two brilliant showings in Week 2 that saw him and the Reign take down the Eternal and Outlaws. Despite the opposition not being the crème de la crème, so to speak, the way in which Atlanta dominated both of their opponents deserves recognition. I’m still concerned as to what will happen in Week 4, when they take on the Spitfire—but for now, it feels like the Reign have really figured things out.

7. London Spitfire (15-10)

London, London, London. Same old London. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised at this point by the upset losses to the bottom teams in the league. However, it’s still infuriating to watch a supreme team like the Spitfire dominate the opposition in one match and then struggle to live up to their high expectations in another. We know what London is at this point—a top team—but they don’t deserve to be higher than seventh if they can’t consistently show it.

8. Guangzhou Charge (12-13)

Some might consider this spot a bit low for the Charge hype train, but after their loss to the Spitfire in Week 2, I feel like the locomotive has slowly come to a halt. Still, Charlie "Nero" Zwarg has proven to be a vital player in this meta and Jeong-Woo "Happy" Lee’s Widowmaker is really something else. The combination of their damage duo and Seung-Pyo "Rio" Oh’s Orisa and Wrecking Ball play has proven to be quite formidable. I’m looking forward to seeing what Guangzhou can do when they square off against the Dynasty and the Excelsior in Week 3.

9. Shanghai Dragons (13-11)

Oh boy—how the mighty have fallen. After relying on their damage play in Stage 3, one would’ve thought that the Dragons would be able to keep things up as we entered role lock, but the lack of hero depth has really hurt. It feels like the team has yet to figure out appropriate hero adaptations. It’s true that Jin-Hyeok "Dding" Yang’s Pharah and Min-Sung "Diem" Bae’s Widowmaker are potentially the best in the league at their respective signature heroes, but in this meta you need to step up to the plate and deliver impressive showings on heroes such as Hanzo, Mei, and Reaper. If Shanghai doesn’t put up a good performance against the Shock in Week 3, they’ll surely drop out of my top 10.

10. Seoul Dynasty (13-11)

I think people are still sleeping on this team. I like what I’ve seen from the Dynasty so far. Yes, they struggled in Week 1 when they lost to both San Francisco and Shanghai, but there’s some potential here to really assert themselves as one of the better teams in the league. Relying on Je-Min "Illicit" Park’s versatility and (in my opinion) Byung-Sun "Fleta" Kim’s star potential over Dong-Eon "Fits" Kim, the Dynasty have the potential to build a great foundation moving forward. On top of that, Min-Seo "Marve1" Hwang has proved his worth as a main tank. If Seoul can rely more on Fleta’s Hanzo and overall versatility against the Charge and Defiant—and less on Fits’ Sombra and McCree—they might rise in the rankings once more.

Ranking the Rest

11. New York Excelsior (20-4)

12. Philadelphia Fusion (14-11)

13. Los Angeles Valiant (10-14)

14. Toronto Defiant (8-17)

15. Florida Mayhem (3-12)

16. Paris Eternal (9-16)

17. Hangzhou Spark (14-9)

18. Dallas Fuel (10-13)

19. Houston Outlaws (9-16)

20. Boston Uprising (8-15)

Week 3 of Stage 4 kicks off on Thursday, August 8, when the Spitfire (15-10) take on the Titans (22-2) at 4 p.m. PDT. Watch all 2019 season matches live and on demand on overwatchleague.com, the Overwatch League app, our Twitch channel, MLG.com, and the MLG app.