1. San Francisco Shock (20-5)

San Francisco remains on top after two more dominant wins against the Dragons and Fuel in Week 3. There really doesn’t seem like anyone that can topple this star-studded team right now.

2. Los Angeles Gladiators (16-10)

An argument could definitely be made that the Gladiators do not deserve the second spot after barely winning out against the Fuel in a reverse sweep—in a match where they looked horrible early on. With the teams below them in the rankings falling, the Gladiators retain their spot thanks to the strong performances from Gui-Un "Decay" Jang and Lane "Surefour" Roberts that turned that match around. On Junkertown, we saw some of the potential this team carries with them when they play with decisiveness, but chances are the Gladiators will drop out of my top three unless they convincingly defeat the Spark in Week 4.

3. Washington Justice (7-19)

The Justice continue to be the meme team in my top 10. While they have propelled themselves to the top of the Stage 4 standings with a 5-0 record, they did not look convincing against the struggling Uprising and Outlaws in Week 3. Their win against the Titans still carries weight, but I really do question their ability to stay here.

4. Vancouver Titans (24-2)

With Chengdu dropping a match to Hangzhou, Vancouver climbs back to the four spot after solid performances against the Spitfire and Fusion. It looks like the Titans are slowly figuring out the meta week by week, and perhaps they’ll have reached their ultimate potential just in time for Kit-Kat® Rivalry Weekend in Week 5, where they can potentially jump up in my rankings heading into the playoffs.

5. London Spitfire (16-11)

Yes, the Spitfire did lose to the Mayhem in Week 2—and I understand the concerns their fans likely feel. However, amidst the Guangzhou hype and all the talk about Jun ”Erster” Jeong, the Spitfire are being slightly overlooked in the league. Jae-Hui "Gesture" Hong continues to be one of the best Orisa players in the league, syncing up with Jun-Young "Profit" Park. After playing Vancouver close in Week 3—and actually beating Guangzhou in Week 2—London deserves the fifth spot.

6. Guangzhou Charge (14-13)

Guangzhou pulled off a reverse sweep of the Dynasty and dominated the Excelsior in Week 3—but honestly, that match against New York was baffling. I didn’t buy the Charge’s dominance; instead, I found myself frustrated with New York’s play in that series. It’s true that Guangzhou has found their footing behind Charlie "Nero" Zwarg’s damage play, but I think a lot of the Overwatch League analysts are erroneously putting them in their top three right now.

7. Atlanta Reign (12-12)

Atlanta did not play any matches in Week 3, but that doesn’t mean we should forget how well Erster played in Week 2. I expect tough matches for the Reign in Week 4; they might find themselves going 0-2 against Washington and London.

8. Chengdu Hunters (12-14)

The inconsistent Hunters are back at square one. My colleague Brennon “Bren” Hook so desperately wanted to label Chengdu as a top team—but alas, they showed in their loss against the Spark that they can’t consistently show up enough to affirm their place in my top five. Chengdu retains their strong upset potential, but they’re not currently a top team.

9. Shanghai Dragons (13-12)

Shanghai struggled against San Francisco in Week 3, and when Jin-Hyeok "Dding" Yang tried to play his signature Pharah, the Shock’s damage dealers quickly shut him down with their Widowmaker play. Still, the Dragons’ roster has tons of potential, and they shouldn’t feel too bad about a loss to the best team in the league.

10. Seoul Dynasty (14-12)

For the duration of two maps against the Charge, I was overjoyed about my prediction that people were sleeping on the Dynasty. My joy soon evaporated after a demoralizing reverse sweep sent the Dynasty packing. I don’t know what mental factors are affecting Seoul right now, but they looked completely unable to lock down the match. Although they showed us why they deserve to be in the top 10, they seriously need to gather some consistency ahead of the playoffs.

Ranking the Rest

11. Los Angeles Valiant (11-14)

12. Florida Mayhem (4-22)

13. New York Excelsior (21-5)

14. Hangzhou Spark (15-10)

15. Paris Eternal (10-16)

16. Philadelphia Fusion (14-13)

17. Toronto Defiant (8-19)

18. Houston Outlaws (9-18)

19. Dallas Fuel (10-15)

20. Boston Uprising (8-16)