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Overwatch League Team Skins
Overwatch League Tokens


Sign up for Overwatch League Updates and receive 100 LEAGUE TOKENS

Want access to the latest information about the Overwatch League and your favorite teams? Sign up with your Blizzard Battle.net email address by January 31, 2018 to the Overwatch League and your chosen teams to receive 100 League Tokens you can exchange for your favorite Overwatch League in-game Skin.

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Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer recently announced Blizzard's new in-game currency for Overwatch: Overwatch League Tokens. Between now and February 14, 2018, Overwatch players will earn 100 League Tokens simply by logging in to the game on PC, Xbox One®, or PlayStation®4 and linking their Battle.net account.

Get an additional 100 League Tokens by signing up for email updates from Overwatch League and your favorite teams—enough for an Overwatch League team-specific hero in-game skin of your choice!


*You must provide an e-mail address associated with a valid Battle.net account in order for the League Tokens to be credited. This offer may be redeemed only once per Battle.net account.

Your Battle.net and associated Overwatch accounts must be in good standing and you must have a valid Overwatch game license to redeem. Xbox One® and PlayStation®4 players must link their PlayStation® Network or Xbox Live account to their Blizzard Battle.net account to redeem. League Tokens will be granted throughout January and February. It may take several days for League Tokens to appear in your account. For customer support, click here.

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