1. San Francisco Shock (12-3)

The Shock looked shaky to start Stage 3, with a narrow five-map win against the Reign, but they remain on top due to the lingering effects of their Stage 2 Finals win. In Week 2, the Shock will go up against a bottom team in the Outlaws, followed by our Match of the Week where they’ll take on the Dynasty. If San Francisco continues to show weakness, their time as the number-one team might not last much longer.

2. Vancouver Titans (16-0)

Two dominating wins over the Reign and the Gladiators in Week 1 mean the Titans have reestablished their dominance following their Stage 2 Finals loss to San Francisco. The regular-season win streak lives on, and if they can take down fellow top-10 teams in the Spark and Fuel in Week 2, they’ll surely reappear as the top team in my power rankings.

3. New York Excelsior (14-2)

After a skepticism-provoking 3-2 win against the Outlaws to start Stage 3, a dominant 4-0 sweep against the Spitfire in our Match of the Week proved New York doubters wrong and ultimately restored the public perception of what the Excelsior are truly capable off when firing on all cylinders. A win against the Eternal in Week 2 is expected.

4. Hangzhou Spark (9-6)

After completely dominating the Fusion to start Stage 3, people have finally started to open their eyes and realize how good this Spark team really is. With a handful of teams competing for the fourth spot in my power rankings, Hangzhou has proven to be the most consistent in my eyes and stay put for now. While a loss against Vancouver in Week 2 is to be expected, their reputation as the best team in the league outside of our trifecta remains.

5. Shanghai Dragons (8-7)

The Dragons continue to look good, and after a comfortable 3-1 win against the rebuilt Valiant in Week 1, I still feel confident in ranking the Dragons as the No. 5 team in my power rankings. With a few challenging matches on the horizon against both Los Angeles teams and the Reign, the Dragons will have to perform well to remain there, but for now, they round out the top five.

6. Los Angeles Gladiators (10-6)

The Gladiators move up in the rankings following a dominant win against the Fuel, and a semi-competitive match against the Titans. I do believe everyone recognizes how strong this team can truly be, the biggest hurdle for the Gladiators so far has, beyond a doubt, been playoff preparation. In a few upcoming matches that definitely warrant tuning in for, we’ll see how the Gladiators can do with the recent change of fielding ​Lane “Surefour​” Roberts as their primary Brigitte player.

7. Seoul Dynasty (9-7)

As mentioned in previous editions, the Dynasty are definitely a team to pay attention to despite missing out on the Stage 2 Playoffs. With two decisive wins against worse-performing teams in the Mayhem and Charge, the Dynasty remains as my No. 7 team. A Stage 3 Playoffs appearance is most definitely to be expected, but first, they have to overcome the Reign and at least try to stand up against the Shock in Week 2.

8. London Spitfire (10-6)

Following a devastating loss to the Excelsior in Week 1, the Spitfire drop down to eighth in my power rankings. While I still very much believe in the capabilities of ​Jae-Hui “Gesture​” Hong and Jun-Young “Profit” Park, London has potentially revealed a weakness in not being able to deal with New York’s aggressive Sombra strategies. They’ll have to fight for their reputation in upcoming matches against the Defiant and in a rematch against the Excelsior in Week 3.

9. Dallas Fuel (10-6)

In many ways, this is the last chance for the Fuel to prove their worth and show that they deserve to remain in my top 10. While I did not expect Dallas to beat the Gladiators in Week 1, the way they lost has me feeling skeptical of their overall ability to compete with the other teams ranked adjacently. There is most definitely a world in which Dallas struggles to take down the Hunters in a double-header over the next two weeks and lose to both the Titans and the Spark moving forward. But until then, Dallas remains my ninth-ranked team.

10. Atlanta Reign (7-9)

The strength of schedule has not been kind to the Reign, who now find themselves with two losses to start off Stage 3. Despite that, I’m still presented with some belief in this Atlanta team being able to compete with the rest of the mid-table teams. With a close loss in the fifth map against the Shock, multiple members of the Reign proved their worth—and keep in mind the two wins against the Excelsior back in Stage 2. There’s something about this team I can’t really put my finger on, but their ability to compete with some of the best teams in the league has me intrigued going into their Week 2 matches against the Dragons and the Dynasty.

Ranking the Rest

11. Los Angeles Valiant (4-12)

12. Philadelphia Fusion (8-7)

13. Paris Eternal (7-9)

14. Guangzhou Charge (6-10)

15. Chengdu Hunters (6-10)

16. Toronto Defiant (7-8)

17. Boston Uprising (7-9)

18. Washington Justice (2-13)

19. Florida Mayhem (1-14)

20. Houston Outlaws (3-12)

Stage 3 continues on Thursday, June 13, at 4 p.m. PDT, when the Outlaws (3-12) take on the Shock (12-3). Watch all 2019 season matches live and on demand on overwatchleague.com, the Overwatch League app, our Twitch channel, MLG.com, and the MLG app.