Overwatch League and Twitch are partnering up for Overwatch League Cheering, which allows fans to rally around their favorite teams on Twitch. Beginning February 21, you can Cheer for teams and unlock in-game loot like skins and Twitch emotes!

Here’s how it works: express your Overwatch fandom in Twitch chat by Cheering with Bits, a virtual item offered by Twitch. As individual, team-based, and global Cheering milestones are reached, you can unlock rewards including Hero emotes, Overwatch League skins not yet available in game, and more.

For every 100 Bits Cheered, you’ll unlock one of 26 Overwatch Hero emotes, and for every 150 Bits Cheered for an Overwatch League team, you will receive that team’s emote.


Global Cheering thresholds—combining everyone who tunes in to an Overwatch League match—come with even bigger returns, unlocking special Hero skins for each benchmark achieved.

Fans can view and track their Cheering progress at twitch.tv/overwatchleague, including individual and team leaderboards, as well as the rewards they’ve unlocked. Make sure to link your Twitch account to your Blizzard Battle.net account to participate in Overwatch League Cheering, and also the Overwatch League viewership rewards program.