Match at a Glance

  • Result: Hangzhou Spark win 4-1
  • Player of the Match: Jun-Ki “Bazzi” Park
  • Stat: Bazzi landed 62 final blows as Doomfist and only died 31 times 
  • Full match VOD

The Seoul Dynasty were the first team to be eliminated in the playoffs after an emotional 4-1 loss to the Hangzhou Spark, a team they failed to beat all season. Both teams ran identical compositions built around the Doomfist-Reaper combination and Sigma, but the Spark were able to adjust as the match progressed, countering Seoul’s more predictable strategies.

Hangzhou opened strong by winning Busan 2-0. It was established early that the Spark’s strategy would be to punish the Dynasty’s aggressive Doomfist by countering it with their own, played by Bazzi’s patient and precise hand. 

The Dynasty reeled in the Rocket Punches on Eichenwalde and let their tank line make the advances instead. This opened up opportunities for Min-Seo “Marve1” Hwang, whose accuracy with Sigma’s Accretion had his enemies living on a diet of rocks. Unfortunately for Seoul, this would be their last taste of victory.

Temple of Anubis was defined by even attack rounds from both sides, but the Dynasty weren’t able to threaten Point B at all, while the Spark earned two ticks on it. The deciding factor was the effectiveness of Bazzi’s Doomfist, which he utilized to collect early picks on his counterpart in teamfights.

On the fourth map, Dorado, Seoul’s defense fell apart in the face of an unstoppable Spark attack that delivered the payload with a whole three minutes in the time bank. Hangzhou didn’t let their match point go to waste, winning Lijiang Tower with two consecutive 100-0 rounds. 



Match at a Glance

  • Result: San Francisco Shock win 4-0
  • Player of the Match: Min-Ki “Viol2t” Park
  • Stat: Viol2t as Ana got 22 Biotic Grenade kills and hit 19 Sleep Darts 
  • Full match VOD

The London Spitfire won’t be defending their title this year after being bulldozed in a 4-0 defeat to the San Francisco Shock. The Shock started off a little shaky, but the further they got away from their devastating loss on Friday night, the more indestructible they became.

Busan was host to a number of tight brawls. The Spitfire showed better understanding of their ultimate economy to take the first round, Sanctuary, but the Shock pulled it back for a 2-1 win, largely due to Viol2t getting huge value out of Moira’s Coalescence to keep his teammates alive at crucial moments.

San Francisco’s recovery on Busan was nothing compared to their turnaround on Point A of Numbani, where a flanking Barrage from Nam-Ju “Striker” Gwon’s Pharah prevented a full-hold. After finishing the map, the Shock confirmed the win by holding strong on their own Point C defense. 

The Shock then showcased their versatility on Horizon Lunar Colony, defending Point B by utilizing a number of damage heroes—including Tracer, Bastion, and even Sombra—to prevent London from gaining a single tick. On offense, Jay “Sinatraa” Won’s flexibility was particularly impressive as he melted health bars with Symmetra to help his team speedrun Point A with 6:17 in the time bank, and then snowball Point B to take the map. 

San Francisco were so confident going into the fourth map, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, that they made four substitutions. That included flex tank Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson, whose dominant Sigma play seemed to confirm the rumors of his expertise on the new hero. The Shock, it seems, still have some tricks up their sleeve.

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