Whether you’re a super fan or a new fan to the Overwatch League, we’ve got some great content to help improve your viewing experience and get you ready for the Grand Finals! For starters, here’s a fans' guide that introduces you to the Overwatch League teams, details hero roles, explains on-screen info and game modes, and more.


To dive further into player roles, we sat down with Overwatch League pros to create a series of videos to better explain the specifics:


This role is all about offense and holding down your turf. For this video we enlisted four of the league's top tanks: Chan-Hyung “Fissure” Baek (Los Angeles Gladiators), Lucas “NotE” Meissner (Boston Uprising), Jae-Hui “Gesture” Hong (London Spitfire), and Indy “Space” Halpern (Los Angeles Valiant).


Sure, dishing out damage is fun, but someone needs to heal, call plays, and boost their teammates, too. We talked to some of the best supports around—Alberto “Neptuno” González Molinillo (Philadelphia Fusion), Seung-Tae “Bdosin” Choi (London Spitfire), Yeon-Jun “Ark” Hong (New York Excelsior), and Benjamin “BigGoose” Isohanni (Los Angeles Gladiators)—to find out how they get it done.


Playing the DPS (damage per second) role isn’t just about being the fastest trigger around. Some of the elite damage dealers—Jong-Ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park (New York Excelsior), Lane “Surefour” Roberts (Los Angeles Gladiators), Jae-Hyeok “Carpe” Lee (Philadelphia Fusion), and Terence “Soon” Tarlier (Los Angeles Valiant)—explain that it’s all about placement, timing, and precision.


Here’s some videos on the different game modes you’ll see played at the Grand Finals:


Two teams fight to hold a single objective at a time; the first team to win two rounds wins the match.


Attackers escort a payload to a delivery point, while defenders strive to stop them before time elapses.


Attackers fight to capture a series of objectives; defenders hold them off until time runs out.


Attackers first capture a payload, then escort it to its destination; defenders attempt to hold them back.

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The Overwatch League Grand Finals will be streamed live on Twitch, OverwatchLeague.com, Overwatch League app, MLG.com, and the MLG app. Matches will also be broadcast live on ESPN and Disney XD (Friday), and on ESPN3 and Disney XD (Saturday). ESPN2 will re-air the Grand Finals on Saturday at 6 p.m. PDT, and ABC and ESPN3 will air a highlights show on Sunday at noon PDT.