1. Vancouver Titans (12-0)

After taking a break in Week 4, Vancouver has an opportunity to break the record for most consecutive match wins (15) against Toronto. A recharged and well-rested Titans team should have no trouble defeating the struggling Defiant on Friday.

2. San Francisco Shock (9-3)

The Shock also took a break in Week 4, but are looking to break other records. Currently on a 20-0 map win streak, the Shock are looking to pick up eight more consecutive map wins against the Fusion and Dragons this week to wrap an undefeated stage.

3. New York Excelsior (12-1)

New York also had a week to reset after a devastating loss to Atlanta in Week 3. In Week 5, the Excelsior will once more take on the Reign, but this time expect a revengeful stomp.

4. Los Angeles Gladiators (9-4)

After starting Stage 2 with a 6-0 record, the Gladiators, too, have an opportunity to go undefeated this stage when they take on the Uprising on Friday. A win against Boston would definitely confirm the belief that LA is a team with the ability to upset the top three teams in the Stage 2 Playoffs.

5. Seoul Dynasty (7-5)

The Dynasty played two matches this weekend in Dallas. While we can’t read too much into their 4-0 sweep against the Outlaws, their tight 3-2 win over the Valiant on Sunday was rather worrisome. It deserves to be mentioned that the Valiant are certainly looking better in Stage 2—especially after their narrow loss against the Gladiators in the Battle for LA—but if Seoul wants to retain the fifth spot, they’ll have to put some more 4-0 sweeps on the board. While the Dynasty can’t do much to challenge the Titans this coming week, I predict Seoul will take down a rising Hangzhou squad on Sunday—thus qualifying for the Stage 2 Playoffs.

6. London Spitfire (8-5)

The Spitfire are another team that definitely showed weakness in Week 4—and they’re at risk of dropping in the rankings. While the Spitfire completely manhandled the Eternal in Dallas, their loss to the Hunters was not a good look for the inaugural season champions. It was clear that London could not find an answer for Hu “JinMu” Yi as the match progressed, but I expect them to review their match footage and prevent similar losses moving forward.

7. Shanghai Dragons (6-6)

With two matches against the Justice and the Shock in Week 5, the Dragons have a good opportunity to keep punching upwards in case the Spitfire or Dynasty slip up. There’s a good chance the Dragons will qualify for their first-ever stage playoffs, and from there on out we can review their gameplay to see if they warrant a higher spot in the power rankings.

8. Dallas Fuel (8-5)

The Fuel delighted their fans at the first-ever Homestand Weekend when they swept the Valiant in dominant fashion and managed to get their first-ever franchise win against their in-state rivals, the Outlaws. The Fuel’s star, prodigy main-tank Min-Seok "OGE" Son, was charged up and ready to go with the home crowd supporting him and chanting his name—and he delivered, playing some of the best Overwatch of his life. The French dynamic duo of Dylan "Akm" Bignet and Benjamin "Unkoe" Chevasson showed once more why they’ve collected several tournament wins over the past three years of competitive Overwatch. Dallas has a real opportunity to establish themselves as a top-five team if they keep on impressing like this.

9. Philadelphia Fusion (8-5)

Philadelphia did admittedly suffer a very rough Stage 2 schedule, and it doesn’t get any easier in Week 5 when they play a must-win matchup against San Francisco. If the Fusion manage to beat the Shock and qualify for the Stage 2 Playoffs, they’ll certainly rise in the rankings—but until further notice there’s not much to show for the team that reached the 2018 Grand Finals.

10. Hangzhou Spark (7-6)

My controversial decision to put the Spark at 10 in last week’s power rankings paid off as they grabbed two wins in Dallas this past weekend. They showed great adaptability against the slippery Hunters, walking away with a 3-1 win. Their narrow 3-2 triumph against the Eternal was closer than they would’ve hoped for—but a win is a win. However, I’m afraid this might be the end of the road for the soaring Spark as they take on the Dynasty on Sunday in a must-win matchup to qualify for the Stage 2 Playoffs. Time to sell that Hangzhou stock!

Ranking the Rest

11. Chengdu Hunters (6-7)

12. Boston Uprising (6-6)

13. Los Angeles Valiant (2-11)

14. Paris Eternal (5-8)

15. Atlanta Reign (6-7)

16. Guangzhou Charge (4-9)

17. Toronto Defiant (6-6)

18. Houston Outlaws (3-9)

19. Washington Justice (1-11)

20. Florida Mayhem (1-12)

Week 5 kicks off on Thursday, May 2, at 5:30 p.m. PDT, when the Dallas Fuel (8-5) take on the Florida Mayhem (1-12). Watch all 2019 season matches live and on demand on overwatchleague.com, the Overwatch League app, our Twitch channel, MLG.com, and the MLG app.